Free digital scrapbooking online for everyone! The heck with tedious and time consuming learning how to scrapbook, do it here with out any know how!

Scrapbook Generator is a web based application that allows you to upload a photograph and add it to a free scapbook template. You can even add text, props (like Emmy Award), people (famous actors), frames and other neat add-ons to use.

Many holiday and special scrapbooking themes for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Seasons Greetings, New Years, Halloween, Birthdays, Graduations, Birth Announcements, Kids Fun, BFF/BF/GF, etc. Many (hundreds) classy scrapbook layout styles to choose from too, from classic goth theme to modern day abstracts.

Scrapbooking or journalling with embellishments is a billion dollar business and an addictive leisure activity for millions of Americans, mostly stay-at-home Moms between 18-40. 

This scrapbooker's website is a side project of (Photo Tricks).

Here at (a web based scrapbooker, make scrapbooks online), anyone (newbies, professionals, kids, students, grandmas) can now do their own scrapbooking projects right here online without installing any software (you do not even need photo editing applications like Photoshop) or paying any fees (it's free). This site can save you hundreds of dollars as their is no expensive scrapping tools needed, no messy adhesives, no real physical labor, no costly expenses for premade fancy stickers/embellishments, no cost for art supplies, save your money for life expenses! You can even do your scrapbooking while at the office, at school or even at the local library. You upload photographs directly from your digital camera (USB, file limit size is 1MB/1024KB and you can upload/import standard image files of the types JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF), you can import any image from free hosting sites (like or use an image search engine (like Google's) to find graphics and free clipart. Once you have uploaded your photograph and picked out a scrapbook layout, you can use the other image generator tools to add more features (exampe: add multiple text messages, add props, frames, etc). This site is 100% free to use (you can print your creations with cheap home printers, download them to use in PDF/PPT/SWF/DOC projects, or email as free ecards), sponsor ads and random donations pay the bills!

Coming Soon: Embellishment add-ons (small frames, tags, borders, decorations, text areas)

This site was only started Nov. 3rd, 2007, it's brand new so expect over 350 templates within the next month and other updates!

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There are currently 245 scrapbook templates (more soon)


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Please note that the scrapbook art created here is not suitable for 8X10 photo printing, but they come out great printed borderless on 4X6 photo paper by a photo printer to use on the front of blank greeting cards or making fun postcards. You can also use these images on your weblogs, forums (MySpace), web sites, email attachments, presentations, pamphlets, profile avatars, text to image generators, or just browse through the templates for ideas on your own scrapbooking projects. Scrappers who sell scrapping kits need not see us a threat of their businesses as our images are not high resolution (we supply medium resolution templates that aren't customizable much).

This site was created for (and dedicated to) my wife Tam as she likes to do digital scrapbooking but doesn't have the time to learn all the software (photo editing to scrapping). She now uses this scrapbooking tool with ease and no frustration for photographs uploaded of our toddler son straight out of our Fuji FinePix digital camera (USB cable). She even uploads photos to her Flickr account so she can access our family portraits online from work or friend's house and imports them to this website to spice up photographs our family photo album (she prints them with our cheap home dye-sub photo printer and they look great printed on 4X6 photo paper). So far she has used over a dozen layouts (she even uses templates with addresses added to the text area and prints out unique envelops), she is waiting for me to provide more Xmas templates for printing some Christmas photo cards and postcards for the soon approaching holiday season to mail out to our families. Also making a collection of scrapbooks for a photoCD/photoDVD.

I started programming this site on Digital Scrapbooking Day 2007 and the domain name was bought a few days later (took some brainstorming for the right dot com). I know my sites are not visually appealing (they are left rough for the day I can afford a graphics team contract), but they are still useful tools. It's hard to do all the programming I do get done as I am a stay at home dad (wife works) looking after a hyper 3 year old boy. My sites are my only source of income (sponsor advertising visits and donations) so it makes it difficult to upgrade servers (my own professional Dell PowerEdge server needs more hard drives for storage so I can allow image hosting and member collections/albums, RAM upgrade needed and newer Windows advanced server operating system, could use another high speed internet business line too) and services (this slows down progress and what I can offer as I am already reaching maximum CPU usage on some days). Wish I had a t-shirt printer, decent button/pin maker (various sized and shaped dies) and a dye sublimation coffee cup/mug press so I could sell custom products (will be selling custom magnets soon for this site, but I am limited to hard drive space right now on the main web server that does all the major image processing of several popular websites I own on where the fake "Online Scrapbooking for Dummies" book cover image was made).

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